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Michelle received her undergraduate degree in Education at the University of Victoria and an MBA from the Gustavson School of Business. She received her MA in Counselling Psychology from The Adler School of Professional Psychology – now Adler University. Adler is the oldest independent psychology school in North America. Her research and published thesis explore the empty nest transition experience of Baby Boomer women.


More About Me

Michelle trained as a clinical intern under the supervision of registered clinical counsellor and certified clinical sexologist Dr. Danielle Doucet (Duplassie), founder of The Shanti Centre. During her time with Dr. Doucet she had the privilege of working with clients on issues specific to relational conflict, intimacy, identity, sexuality, boundaries, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and emotional dysregulation.

As a clinical intern she also worked with Vancouver Coastal Health and BC Corrections in Mental Health and Addictions Services providing individual and group counselling to clients grappling with trauma, addiction and concurrent mental health issues at the Drug Treatment Court of Vancouver.

​Early in her professional career, Michelle worked with federal parolees as a one-on-one counsellor and group facilitator within The Salvation Army’s Community Residential Facility. She has also worked with Island Health, providing mental health intake, counselling, group facilitation, and psychoeducation.

Her first love has always been working with individuals and couples in private practice and she’s been doing so for almost a decade now. Today, she works exclusively in private practice with individuals and couples on Southern Vancouver Island and throughout British Columbia.

what people are saying


A gifted and outstanding counsellor. She is empathetic, self-aware, committed to learning and skilled. It was an honour to learn from her. Outstanding ability to develop therapeutic relationships with her clients. Michelle has a high level of compassion and empathy. She has consistently shown outstanding skills in creating and maintaining a safe, caring and therapeutic environment in which her clients feel regarded, respected and heard.

Dr. Marianna TerrettPh.D., RCC, FOT

The quality of her work is superior. Michelle forms solid therapeutic relationships with her clients and is well respected by her colleagues.

Gail LowMA, RCC